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tv   Fox News Tonight  FOX News  October 2, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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where they're praying for the country. >> sean: amen, we are playing for those families. unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. we will always be fair and balanced, we are not the destroyed trunk media. stay tuned, continuing >> good evening, everybody. i am brian kilmeade. we have been conferring the massacre in las vegas all day. we will tell you how it unfolded and as a cecum of the press conference is going to start. we have new details about the lone gunman who fired indiscriminately from the 32rd floor onto a crowd of thousands at the music festival. let us go to las vegas right now. >> it happened less than 24 hours ago. we would like to update you on some key elements of the investigation. we are working on two fronts to process the crime scene and also
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investigate the motive of the shooter. metro and its partners have executed a search warrant at the home of stephen paddock in mesquite nevada. they are combing through evidence to uncover the motive behind the shooting and any other pertinent information that would to shed light on this horrible event. we've recovered 23 firearms at mandalay bay at 19 firearms at his home in mesquite. paddock is solely responsible for this heinous act. we are aware of the rumors outside of the media and also on social media that there was more than one assailant. we have no information or evidence to support that theory or that rumor. we believe there was only one shooter and that was stephen paddock. we are doing a thorough investigation and only want to provide what is accurate to you. we will only give information that we have vetted and know to be true. i will not be speaking or answering questions on issues
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that we do not have the facts yet. the latest estimate amount of injured still stands at 527 which the sheriff put out earlier this afternoon. we have 59 that are deceased. our homicide detectives are working around the clock to the process the scene as soon as they possibly can. we understand that their personal belongings the people need to retrieve from all of the locations. what's become close to clearing that scene, we will provide more information for how they can get their belongings and we are coordinating that with the local hotels and with the venue so that people can get their belongings back. the family resource center will play a role in that task. we want people to know that the center is up and running. at the las vegas convention center. we are asking families and friends who live in las vegas to physically go to the center which is located at the
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convention center. the hotline number has changed due to some technical difficulties, that new number is 1-800--536-9488. that is 1-800-536-9488. the number that we gave out previously is no longer in use. however, if you are a local person from las vegas and are looking for a loved one, please go down to the family resource center in person. that is the best way to get assistance. i also want to comment on some steps that mgm resorts have taken, they are coordinating rooms at no cost at the bellagio for families that are coming into town. they are also coordinating travel through southwest airlines. they are coordinating crisis counselors for people that
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worked as vendors, employees, and guests and the american red cross has been given space over at the circus to establish a headquarters for the local community until they get some national assets in. we have had a overwhelming turnout of people to donate blood. but they cannot take anymore people right now. we are asking that you not go down there until at least tomorrow afternoon, if not the next day. they have enough supplies to last them for the foreseeable future. people are also donating food in large amounts. while the chester is appreciated, metro does not have the ability to coordinate delivery or distribution and we are asking that if you're going to donate food, do so with either bottled water or sealed food to the red cross at 1771 east flamingo. there has been a remarkable amount of support from our community. we've been asked by concerned individuals near and far asking how they can help.
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the gofundme page set up is the best mechanism to show your support to the victims. we do not anticipate having any further updates tonight. when we do have further updates tomorrow, we will send out a press release notifying you that we will be giving you more information. these past 20 hours have been trying and we know we have a long way to go. i'm proud of the courage and resiliency for all our first responders on this event. i also want to appeal to you in the public and the media -- we know of no known threats in our las vegas area. if we did know of anything that could harm the safety and security of our citizens, we
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will tell you that and our department would act upon that. please allow our department the ability to do what they do the best. investigate crime and keep you safe. with that, i will turn it over to commissioner cislyak who has a few words. >> several of these today, it's been a long, long day for a lot of us. i just left -- a special thank you to two groups -- our first responders, our medical personnel responded. the great work done by metro and security and mandalay bay, we would have lost hundreds, if not thousands more lives. they were able to triangulate and locate the room and get people in there and save countless lives and for that, we will be eternally grateful for the work that you did and in conjunction with mgm, we did set up with the go fund me campaign. that's saying something. when i walked in here, we've received in excess of over 30,000 donations, $2.2 million. when we started, we set the goal
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of $500,000. we got a $100,000 in one individual called and said i will get you to your goal. donated $400,000. that individual is anonymous until now, he said we could release his name. it was steve include back who donated $400,000. the support the community. we ask all to support the community. next time you see one of our first responders whether it be metro or fire, what have you, tell them thank you. we owe them an internal grant of gratitude. i've got some other -- congressman titus. >> thank you very much. this horrendous act of evil happened right in the heart of the district one which i am honored to represent. the whole day has revolved around the act. police briefings and talking
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with the fbi, visiting hospitals, all of the things that are associated with an act of war. we also heard stories of individual heroism, people helping others through the gate, over the fence, shielding their bodies, standing in line. those are the kind of stories that we need to focus on. it's so appropriate that we've ended the day with an ecumenical church service on the strip where we gather to grieve for the fallen and thank our wonderful first responders who have done so much in coordination with each other. and just hold hands with family and friends to cry and to recommit ourselves to do all that we cancel that this never happens again. >> it's been a long day as you can imagine. for everybody here.
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my colleagues and everyone here in nevada has to think the first responders, our law enforcement. the medical community here. our emts. everybody who ran into the face of danger to save lives. many lives -- families now are concerned about, family members have been injured, dealing with the loss of loved ones, i had a niece at the event last night. she was one of the lucky ones who made it home but there are many who are still injured and who did not and now it is time for all of our community to come together to bring comfort and relief to these families. i know for all of us, this week it's going to be about those families. those that have been entered and how we can continue to support
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them in this community and as well as supporting the ongoing investigation that needs to take place independent. let them do their job. there will be plenty of times to second-guess. plenty of time to play politics but right now is the time to come together as a community and support and comfort one another. >> on behalf of the state of nevada, i want to thank everyone who has already been thanked. repeatedly today. we are going to continue to thank them over and over again. everyone who ran toward the bullets when everyone was running away from the bullets. those who met the victims at the hospital, i spent most of my day at the hospital. i just came from sunrise. they took care of 214 of the victims. and performed over 90 emergency surgeries. extraordinary efforts on behalf of our medical community, they handled this tragedy with confidence -- competence and
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character. we are very, very proud of them. i told you last time that umc and spring valley both performed admirably. i spent some time there as well. if you arrived at either of those facilities alive, i confirm that again this afternoon -- it's the best of the nevada spirit, the best of our community. las vegas has been my home, born and raised here. i raised six children here. what we've seen today at the close of this day is the best in the highest tradition of les fagan's and nevadans and americans. a story after. the guardian angels that were at the tragic site, who carried them out of harm's way or found vehicles and took them to the hospital. it's just inspiring. in a day that has been depressing and dark. it's inspiring to see what americans do for each other. to all of those who have held today, god bless you. we will get through this
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together with our faith in god and the american and nevadans. that we have. thank you. >> i will take a small number of questions and then we will end it for tonight. >> for the weapons all rifles? >> like the sheriff explained earlier today and as i explained moments ago, our information with the investigation continues and it can change. we put out the information that we have at that moment in time. and sometime those numbers will change but there are 23 firearms at mandalay bay in 19 that were at his house. >> is it a homicide investigation? is this... with all the manpower? >> it is a homicide
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investigation. homicide is investigating that specific aspect of the crime. we have every resource available on our agency working and i can assure you that the sheriff has made a point that we have resources both in the neighborhoods and around the community as well as the las vegas sheriff and downtown that has not diminished, it's actually increased. >> one at a time. part of me? >> i have not gone through the entire list of victims i cannot answer that question right now. hold on. >> reporter: do they know what to do when gunfire happens? last night, jason aldean could say to the crowd to cover before he ran -- >> i wasn't there.
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i don't know what jason aldean was thinking when he was on the stage. i do know that a common thing is when people hear gunfire, they run for cover. that's a natural human instinct. i don't know what he said before he left the stage. but the investigation will bring that out. >> reporter: how long did paddock shoot for? was it continuous? how did it last? >> we are still putting the timeline together. >> reporter: can you give us a timeline of his movements? when did he shoot the security guard? >> i know that he shot the one security guard on the 32nd floor but i don't know if he continued to shoot after that or not. hold on, hold on. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> that's what our detectives and partners are working on right now. it will be sometime before we
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are able to give you that in a chronicle in chronological order and with an amount of confidence that it is accurate. >> reporter: have you made any progress at all on him sending money to the philippines customer >> we are hunting down and tracing down every clue we can get with his background. until we confirm all of those things that are floating around out in the media and in social media, i cannot comment on that. >> reporter: any time when you look at those hard drives opened up? that he specifically request that hotel room at mandalay bay? >> no, we don't have a specific timeline. >> reporter: did he request the hotel room? >> i don't know that yet. >> we saw several pieces of
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media -- >> reporter: have you examined it? >> one other question. after the raid in reno, can you tell us anything about what was taken there? any weapons or explosive, complete or demonic computers or clues? >> nothing i can speak of. it still being resolved as we speak. >> let me emphasize something to that might help. i know that you are all very eager to find out exactly what his motive was or what was going through his head or what he was doing up to two weeks ago. i promise you the sheriff will provide that information when we have confirmed it. it doesn't make sense for us to put out information that is not accurate and isn't timely and reliable. please have some patience. with our agency and our partners to get you that information. i promise you, we will provide it to you when the time comes.
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hold on. what was your question, sir? >> reporter: what time did it reach? >> i don't have -- did you guys have that? we have a time log of everything that we do. and that's what the detectives will look at, start to finish. we will probably have more information on that tomorrow. i will take to my questions and then we will be done for the night. >> reporter: looking for loved ones, is not where they could test the resources being provided for them? >> help and resources. if they are looking for a loved one or friend and they are in town, they need to go there, the convention center. or the ones that are coming in, they can go there as well. they also have the 800 number they can call ahead of time if they need to find out a piece of
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information. >> reporter: for you originally say northern nevada, can you confirm that was in reno? >> yes. no, i can tell you that's part of our investigation. determining just that. obviously every hotel has a video. i'm sure we are going back and reviewing every ounce of fat. >> reporter: is not comparable comparable? >> in the areas we have been so far, i would say no. until we are done with the investigation, i will not -- last one. other than what the sheriff put out today at 4:00 -- 3:00. >> reporter: the two room suite, he was in them? >> yes.
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i'm confident in the number i gave you of what we have recovered. that's it. thank you. >> brian: very informative press conference at this late hour. it's remarkable how patient they've been and since we've been on the air, how forthright they've been up in what they know and what they didn't know. there's been 23 firearms found at mandalay bay. 19 back at his house. sadly, the number remains at 527 entered with 59 who have lost their lives. generosity has been tremendous, so great with giving blood. they state enough for now, come back tomorrow. we know the personal generosity has been strong. $1 million, the raiders have donated $50,000. individuals like this stephen klubeck has given $400,000 to the law enforcement community. let's go out to laura goodman is been quite busy and distressed but wants to relay what's happening to your great city.
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miss mayer, i know you've been mayor since 2011. can you describe what today has been like for you? >> the act of insanity of a scumbag man who has taken so selflessly 59 lives from around the country, not just las vegas. it's been a traffic to back tragic time. how dare any human being do that. we have not been tolerant of any of that. it's been a difficult time and as you mentioned the numbers, we know how fabulous our first responders have been. our law enforcement. they were out there. monitoring the crowd at that wonderful country western festival. kids in cowboy boots and out having a grand time for the past three nights. then to have this happen last night -- trauma 1 unit --
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incredible. all the hospitals, doctors pouring in. nurses. even our custodial staff to keep the floors clean and healthy as we bring in patient after patient on a gurney. they've done their utmost to save as many lives as possible. the tragedy remains for all the people who don't know where their loved ones are. it's been extremely difficult but we have heard from around the country from mayors and governors in people and even from canada. just expressing their love and their horror and how we are doing it but one single crazed madman has turned this city upside down temporarily. this is a wonderful community of loving people. they've been waiting in line. some for five and six hours to give blood. they've contributed over $2 million to a fund to help families who have lost someone or have found them and help pay for care.
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donated free rooms for those that have no place to stay. this has just been a tremendous bonding for us all as we come together. you know the sadness is there probably a beautiful number of 59 new stars in the heavens. just tragically stricken. >> brian: we want that number to hold. when i got up this morning, it was too. then 20. than 40. then over 50. then it was 200 wounded. now we are up to 527 wounded. between you and your husband, you know the city as well as anybody. if i was to tell you that one individual would bring up 23 firearms into one hotel room -- which was a sweet -- what would you have told me before yesterday? >> it would have said that's totally impossible. but we are not about going and examining people's bags.
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we certainly know what is happening at the airport and since 9/11 and sandy hook and pulse nightclub. so many tragedies in so many of them created by the fewest number of people, it is intolerable. i would tell you this city is no different but we are a resilient group and a hugely diverse group that really takes great pride in making sure that conventions in people and taurus have a good time. this concert was phenomenal and when i spoke to patients, i went into the hospital probably about one or 2:00 early this morning d speaking to those who did not have life-threatening injuries -- as they told me they really were so stunned by it. they did not know if it was fireworks or just some type of crackling technology that's come through the performance. and then some of them said they had no idea it was one location,
7:24 pm
all the shots were ringing from. these are people that are just -- i cannot tell you the bonding here and resilience to a mad, crazed scumbag. it will not be tolerated. >> brian: mayor goodman, you have a tremendous responsibility. we watched one mayer rally an entire country, mayor rudy giuliani. i think you have the same power within you. keep talking to everybody. let everyone know that the city will go back to normal. let us find out what this madman was up to before he perpetrated this horrible series of assassinations. mayor goodman, thank you so much. >> you are so right. thank you. thank you for sharing with us. >> brian: stephen paddock, investigators are still searching for a motive. we spoke to the brother earlier in orlando. >> was there any indication he was angry at anybody?
7:25 pm
>> absolutely not. there's no reason for me not to say this. i would love to be able to give you some reasons of this. >> was he particularly hyped up about politics? >> nothing. nothing. no religious affiliation. no political affiliation. no. he just hung out. >> no history of mental illness? >> not a bit a bit. >> one was the last time you spoke to him? >> he texted about my mom after the hurricane. to have power. to find the answers -- this is like... what. there's just nothing. >> brian: you can't say nothing because he did have in his background a dad that was jailed, a bank robber that escaped from prison and at the age of seven years old, that became clear to him. he was the oldest in his family but has shown no signs and no
7:26 pm
background of breaking the law or as they say "snapping." to kill a person like this, what could be in their head? doctor, i am putting together with the media is putting together with his background. it's been verified. we know his dad was a mess. we know he had a relatively traditional upbringing. relatively rich. a high-stakes gambler. there are reports that there are major transactions, wins or losses a couple of weeks before this happens. can a major gambling win or loss, someone to plot and plan an event like this? >> it is so difficult to make sense of this tragedy and it is still very early in the investigation. maybe he had a colossal loss and was in debt. we know like you said, he was well educated. some might consider an unconventional lifestyle. he had an absent father that was
7:27 pm
incarcerated. at the end of the day, we can pull all these pieces together but we will never really know what was going through his mind. maybe when they get to those hard drives we will see social media postings or a radical belief system but until we have that information, it is difficult to make sense. we know this was not a crime of impulse. he was very meticulous about it and he kept a low profile. when i see his brother say there is no history of mental illness i know all families have secrets and maybe something was going on and kept a low profile. >> brian: we also know he had a past his background checks. he altered those guns -- rifles that are indeed illegal. he built two platforms. i thought it was ten but now
7:28 pm
it's up to 23 different firearms in that room. he set up cameras on the outside. law-enforcement getting closer. that shows a coldness under pressure and he's got no military background. where do you learn that? >> that's what it is amazing. he was so calm and organized and so meticulous. it points to something that was like a psychopathic personality. it is very cunning, scheming. we also know he was a gambler. maybe he was impulsive and there was some underlying mute disorder. we won't know about that until they dig until his back on more thoroughly. >> brian: they say a kind of passion. it had to be up close. it used a knife, you want to shoot that person and look them in the eye. this was a crime of cowardice. i want to shoot somebody. 1100 feet away that i've never seen, that i had no problem within the past. i want to kill as many as possible but i do not want to feel the blood. i don't want to see the pain.
7:29 pm
what does that tell you? >> there's been an uptick in these type of mast shootings especially in the last decade. it's very consistent with the proliferation of social media such as snapchat, inch instagram, facebook. a wave of narcissism over the country of people that commit these crimes solely to get some sort of infamy or 15 minutes of fame. a lot of that has to do with it. maybe this guy felt so disillusioned and so pushed aside that maybe he needed to be recognized even in the most awful way. >> brian: roommate, a girlfriend who mysteriously is in japan. they are anxious to talk to her. i'm sure they can do something diplomatically to get her back.
7:30 pm
what questions would you ask her? >> i would ask her what her last contact had been with him. the mood of the conversation. what they spoke about. if there was any indication if he was depressed, talking about anything that was morose or morbid. she probably is the best clue besides social media as to what his state of mind was before he did this. >> brian: his family says they are shocked. like hitting an asteroid dropping out of the sky. concerned about retribution. they are also concerned about the 90-year-old mother who lives down the block in orlando who was just inquiring about it. right now all you have his questions and frustration as well as empathy for all those that have been affected. doctor, thank you so much. i want to talk to again as we find out more information. straight ahead on this show, what can big cities do to protect against what happened in las vegas yesterday? you're going to be right back to examine that. patrick woke up with back pain. but he has work to do. so much more. with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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7:35 pm
just 24 hours ago. many urban spaces, it makes you wonder, should you alter your lifestyle? two men who know a thing or two about protecting soft targets. in chicago. former police superintendent and commissioner. various titles throughout the great career. and michael balboni. of new york state. a counterterror expert. welcome to both of you. let's go to the commissioner. first off, you know the police chief this morning had to go through this horrible event and continue to inform the press hounded people were actually wounded, how many people have lost their lives. i thought they did a remarkable job of giving us more information they weren't even used too. what goes through a police chief's mind during a time like this? >> incredible stress, first of all. you want to get information out but you can't give up everything. i know there is pressure. people want to know what is going on but there are things he can't tell us right now.
7:36 pm
i don't know if there were things and been recovered in search warrants, hard drives -- i don't know if they've made any connections. i think joe has done an incredible job. i spoke to him via text today. to give support. it brings back so many events that i have been involved in, including 9/11 when i was basically 10 feet away from rudy giuliani when the south tower fell on the building and he was talking to the vice president. we can give you all the information until it is verified. >> brian: sheriff joe lombardo said i don't know where the woman is. i'm looking for these cars. i want to know where she is. can you help us? i am dumbstruck by what we've seen and i'm trying to make the most of it. most of all, we want to find out why this guy did this. >> you are not prejudicing the
7:37 pm
investigation. let it take you where it takes you. it's so important when you are trying to inform people -- not the point in a certain direction. him reaching out saying absolutely right, it is not about us versus them. i need your information and help. engaging the public. that number of eyeballs, it's very, very important. >> but i thought was great was these off-duty officers like yourself -- not only do you have the instinct to act, good off-duty officers who were shot and according to eyewitnesses were protecting people, standing up while the gunfire was whizzing by everybody else. what type of training do you go through to make you move -- to stand up in those situations? >> that is probably -- we've all done crazy, stupid things afterwards to say i don't know why did that. i was in a couple of scenarios
7:38 pm
where i actually had people grabbing me and pulling me to cover when i was walking around directing people to do certain things in a live fire zone. that's just reaction. that's not training the tells you to get up and do that. that's taking charge. that's leadership. that's what cops are all about. >> brian: tell me how we stop this. we have a guy on the 32nd for shooting people in a death dift direction. he is hundred feet away. how do you protect people from that? >> use what the seeker for service has used for years and years. a police force, take a look at that. what are the angles for the possible fire coming from? how do you obstruct the view so you can't have the easy access? what -- when a bullet is fired, there are acoustic sensing devices where you can pick up when a rifle is fired. is there counter sniper capabilities?
7:39 pm
we require a lot of stuff when you've caused the size. >> brian: would you like to see that at outdoor events? where you can see where the shots came from -- i'm a retired navy seal to take out that target? >> unfortunately, we are reaching that point in this country. what makes us great are the freedoms that we have. we have to start changing the way we do business. if you have ever been to israel, it's a completely different scenario. they know they are at war. i don't think america has figured out that we are at war. i'm not ready to dismiss the terrorism angle here. until we find out for sure that that's not the case. it certainly was executed like a terrorism operation even though this guy paddock doesn't fit the profile. >> brian: 64-year-old guy with no history. they are calling -- isis has claimed responsibility.
7:40 pm
we don't know what is on his hard drive. we still need to find out more. we will have you both back. mike and gary, thank you so much. president trump and his administration tried to provide comfort to the nation after the horrifying developments in las vegas. he spoke around 1045 this morning. the president is scheduled to visit the city on wednesday. joining us from the white house is fox news chief correspondent ed henry. what's going on now? >> brian, the president wrapped up a dinner with republican lawmakers from the hill. undoubtedly, an important topic in addition to legislative business they still have 14 ahead in the limited time. the legislative clock ticking as you know. you are right, the president briefed very early this morning by chief of staff john kelly about this tragedy in las vegas. then he sprung into action. in addition to calling the governor, mayor, other officials, the president and
7:41 pm
first lady melania trump leading a moment of silence on the south lawn. after the president noted he will quickly had to las vegas on wednesday to try and comfort survivors as well as families of victims. you noted earlier today that the president ordered flags at the white house. to be lowered to half-staff. as he spoke in the diplomatic reception room and offered rooms of comfort and healing. >> scripture teaches us the lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. we seek comfort in those words for we know that god lives in the hearts of those who grieve. to the wounded who are now recovering in hospitals, we are praying for your full and speedy recovery. and pledge to you our support from this day forward. >> brian: a contrast to what hillary clinton did where she seemed to politicize the tragedy. yes, she did offered comfort to
7:42 pm
the families in one tweet but other tweets much different. in fact, the former campaign aide said he had failed in his role in comfort into in terms of the crisis in puerto rico by attacking the mayor in san juan. in the campaign, we wondered how trump would handle a crisis. particularly how he would comfort america. never guess he would attack the victims. in terms of the las vegas crisis, it was clinton who today tweeted... imagine the death if the shooter had a silencer which the nra wants to make it easier to get even though critics are now saying she doesn't quite have her facts right. clinton kept going to say... we can and must put politics aside. stand up to the nra and work together to try to stop this from happening again. former congresswoman gabby giffords who was shot while she
7:43 pm
was in office held a news conference. and set the nation is counting on new gun laws. she was joined by her husband mark kelly and he went after the president and the nra. >> we need more than our presidents prayers. we need his plans. does anybody actually believe that our gun laws are too strong? give me a break. >> brian: there was one democrat who put politics aside to date, sort of. al green was planning to go ahead with trying to start impeachment proceedings with president trump. because of the tragedy in las vegas, he is putting that on hold but only temporarily. planning to bring it back soon. ed, great job recapping what's going on. senator murphy also wants gun control. however, it's illegal to have an automatic weapon -- a rifle to begin with. he thought it and changed it. ed henry from the white house.
7:44 pm
joining us right now to analyze how president trump is responding to the massacre, buck sexton, a nationally syndicated radio host and a great one at that. and a former with the george w. bush administration as well as the george h bush situation. instantly talking politics, brad. i don't think you are surprised. >> i'm not surprised and it's sad. as americans we should listen to donald trump, the president of the united states who came to the white house today and held a moment of silence and gave an address to the nation where he expressed his condolences. he also united us as a nation. we are better than the few amongst us who cause violence and mayhem. the vast majority of americans and those who own firearms are responsible, good, decent people. politics shouldn't enter this dialogue at this stage. we should be worrying about the families of those lost in the victims were still recovering. in the city that now -- and the
7:45 pm
state of nevada that is to recover. >> brian: not only were politicians playing politics, the likes of which we have not seen with a masker like this -- cnn -- the president was pitch-perfect, it was worth it to point out and keep in mind that there was a significant crossover between trump supporters and country music fans. the president shows empathy and sympathy because a lot of those people voted for him, is that right? >> i think there's a lot of grasping on the left for motivation here that will fit their preconceived political notions or their agenda. you see that with the gun-control narrative and with some of the quite frankly irresponsible tweets for many journalists and different news organizations that are just jumping ahead with the conclusions that are not factually supported yet. i have to say that the gun-control measures including from hillary clinton noting a silencer issue when there was no silencer used -- it goes to show you that they are trying to
7:46 pm
immediately politicize a tragedy and push for legislative change, i suppose? that wouldn't have even prevented this attack. that's a consistent theme on the left. instead of allowing us to come together and let the president's words be heated by all americans in that law enforcement do their job -- we have democrats by and large using this as an opportunity to push misers that would not have prevented this and would not prevent an attack like this in the future. >> brian: unless you bought it before 1986, they are already banned. he has a crazy father which does not pop up on a background check. he doesn't have any violations. at least we found most of them legally but he has altered them illegally. you have to banned youtube because on youtube, they tell you how to make a semiautomatic and automatic. i don't understand the argument. they should get clear on it and
7:47 pm
not to spout off. >> this is the democratic playbook. you don't let a crisis go without exploitation. hillary clinton did not have her facts right. democrats were trying to exploit this do not have their facts right. he could not have bought this gun as he used it legally. we have plenty of laws. it lets enforce the laws we have before adding to the burdens of the decent people who have every right under the second amendment to possess and hold guns. >> brian: you might have a problem with my statement but i think there's an opportunity. steve scalise came out and we know his shooting -- to see him dramatically walk out with his crutches and make that great speech, the 60 minute speech 24 hours ago. he brought everybody together. the president's remarks today for the most part brought everybody together. i'm just wondering if he goes out to puerto rico tomorrow and meets with the mayor who was so critical and then comes back wednesday and goes to las vegas, could we be at the point where we can't get any angrier at each other and we actually come together because we tried
7:48 pm
everything else? >> the president has to make those overtures and tried to do exactly that, no matter what the response is from the left. there will always be holdouts and angry voices that don't care what the tragedy is. they don't care how important it is for us to unify at any point in time. they will continue with the trump derangement syndrome. that doesn't mean the president should change his pace or tone or his efforts. he is doing the same thing with his remarks about las vegas. with puerto rico. solving things, solutions, bring together the american people. >> brian: am i dreaming, brad? >> hope springs eternal but the president has done as good a job as he can do in puerto rico. puerto rico is teetering on disaster man-made proportions long before an actual disaster. the president has two goals right now, visiting puerto rico and nevada. to unite the country. he's well on his way to do that. >> brian: tuesday will be
7:49 pm
dramatic and even more on wednesday. brad and buck, thank you so much. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. will the mass shooting in vegas send a dangerous new blueprint for international terrorist? were they watching? they usually are. we will be back to examine. spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet? whentrust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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>> brian: welcome back, everybody. isis has claimed responsibility for the las vegas massacre but intelligence officials are pouring cold water over that assertion. the white house is still deciding whether to label the mass shooting domestic terrorism. fred, do you rule out an isis role? they claim responsibility. they said a few weeks ago he became a muslim. >> i certainly would rule out isis at this stage but i would not necessarily rule out terror. we don't know motive yet, brian. in may of this year, the islamic state put out a video targeting las vegas as well as times square and johns hopkins hospital. i think we've got to let the cops do their job. there's no doubt in my mind that we will have motive probably
7:54 pm
within 24-36 hours. >> brian: after what i saw in canada and france over the weekend, when i first heard about the shooting, i said this is a threesome. they are coming for us the same way they are going for the iconic city of las vegas. and then i found out it's a 64-year-old guy who is a multimillionaire who has his own plane that has no history of this. i'm wondering and so is the rest of the world wondering, what is going on here? if i told her to come up with a conclusion from what you know, what would you say to me? >> i will look at this from a modeling perspective. harking back to the sniper we had at the ut tower years ago. very methodical. diabolical kind of -- took the high ground, started shooting people. it turned out he had a brain tumor. the fascinating part in this case will be the toxicology. what was his blood alcohol content for example? who is the last person that he talk to? this would be the things i would
7:55 pm
be looking at from an attack cycle perspective. how far it advance he put this. >> brian: he snapped. you don't bring to flat and 23 firearms. you don't say you snapped. this is to well thought out. >> spot on, brian. i absolutely agree with you. the interesting part will be how long ago has he put the plot together? was it seven days ago or 30 days ago? that will be real interesting from a timeline perspective. >> brian: we will see if it was a gambling debt that pushed him over the edge. that's what they are speculating. at least local writers are saying. he probably got those double rooms comped? >> thank you for having me, brian. >> brian: democrats like hillary clinton were wasting little time to politicize the las vegas massacre talk about in controlling and blaming the nra. with us, the charlie heard.
7:56 pm
you're not surprised by this. to the effects alluded him here? these got demonic guns were already banned. >> is accountable to sit here and witness yet again these politicians trying to score political points off an atrocity. i feel like most people -- the silver lining here -- all of the tremendous outpouring with firefighters and law enforcement and regular citizens to do great things but of course, politicians want to score political points off of
7:57 pm
anything. sadly, i am not surprised by it. >> brian: the president has an opportunity to stay above it. go to puerto rico, get it right, come back wednesday and get it right. use some of his instincts going forward. do you think he will have this opportunity to show great leadership? >> i think the president's statement today that moment of silence were incredibly poignant and well done. i think he understands the gravity of it. he understands his role and all of this. i think it's an opportunity to unify the country. but again, when you listen to people like hillary clinton trying to score political points of something like this, and you try to imagine what are these easy, quick fixes she seems to think by snapping her fingers will prevent senseless violence from happening in the future? you have to ask yourself, hillary clinton and barack obama controlled the white house, the house of representatives, had a filibuster proof majority for two years. if there are only simple quick fixes, why didn't she fixed them then ? they didn't do it because those fixes don't exist. >> brian: what bothers me is the media, some of the post. terry moran of abc -- very
7:58 pm
respected -- he says one a muslim commits an atrocity, right wing media immediately politicize it. and then when it is a white american, republican say don't talk about guns. >> the so-called debate about gun control, it's the one area where democrats -- it's not only frowned upon to be completely ignorant about guns and how they work, it's almost celebrated to be completely ignorant. and to have hillary clinton talk about silencers today? what is she talking about? she has no idea what she's talking about and if people are saying oh, these things are legal in las vegas. no, they are not. they are illegal by federal law. with some very rare exceptions that are nearly impossible to meet the criteria for. if this is legal, these things -- if this guy altered
7:59 pm
these guns, these are totally illegal to begin with. it's a circular argument. these people want to have it because they want to score points. they don't want to solve anything. >> brian: charlie, here's the amazing thing. when it happens in london, five attacks, no one sets gun control because they evidently have great gun control. people are still getting kill. in spain, total gun control. what happened in the u.s.? gun control, america is out of control. it doesn't look like it's an international terror attack, but we will see where it goes from here. charlie hurt, it will be an interesting 48 hours. we find out more from this horrible night. thank you everyone for joining us. i will be back here tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. eastern time for "fox news tonight." tomorrow morning, catch me on fox & friends. amongst our guest, steve will be in las vegas. we will be joined by laura ingraham and a former
8:00 pm
navy seal. from 9:00 until noon, the brian kilmeade show. we have a lot of great guest lined up. i don't want you to miss a minute. thank you for tuning in tonight. we will continue to follow this for as much as we can. some the questions need to be answered. we will get them all to you. thanks for watching, everybody. >> trace: it is the horrifying sound of rapid gunfire, music, laughter, within seconds, chaos and carnage unfold, and once again, our nation's witness to another senseless mass shooting. >> i thought it was fireworks, and then it just didn't stop, and i was like, that is not fireworks. people started running, and we asked what was going on, and they said it was a shooter, and we realized -- it sounded like machine guns. >> trace: good evening,


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